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2019 Cornerstones of Courage


“Cornerstones of Courage,” a book presented as a play, set in readers’ theater format, dramatically regales the story of SSgt. William J. Bordelon, USMC.  He was a loving son, protective brother, a proud Texan and valiant Marine, whose final acts of valor inspired scores of other marines.  


SSgt. William J. “Bill” Bordelon, was a member of the U.S. Naval task force that fought in the battle of Tarawa.  The victorious battle was a defining moment for the Allied forces and the United States Marine Corps.  During the battle SSgt. Bordelon single-handedly destroyed four Japanese machinegun emplacements before he was killed.  Like so many, Bordelon’s deeds were nearly forgotten in the post-war prosperity that catapulted America to the most powerful nation on earth until 1995 when his two surviving brothers sought to properly recognize him.  First by naming a local Naval/Marine Corps Reserve Center in his honor, and, even more significantly, by bringing his body home to Texas, where he became one of only five dignitaries in history to lay in state at the Alamo.


The play is based on the book, “Cornerstones of Courage”, written by historian Douglas R. Pricer and brought to the theatre by renowned director Diane Christensen.